Stop biting your nails with these 6 easy life hacks

Nail-biting is a common habit that often comes from feelings of anxiety, stress, boredom, or a desire for perfection. Yet, changing and breaking habits such as nail-biting are critical ways to protect our health. Not only can nail-biting expose people to sickness, but it can also negatively impact one’s look. Luckily, any one of these six simple and easy life hacks will help any nail biter break the habit and stop biting their nails once and for all.

Get a Manicure

For some people, a manicure is all it takes to stop nail-biting. The visual reminder throughout the day can give the person suffering from this habit a constant reminder that they are working on not biting their nails. Not only do professionally done nails help to remind people not to bite their nails, but also for some nail biters, the habit comes from perfectionism. Thus, having a professional manicure removes the need to nail bite!

Stop biting your nails with these 6 easy life hacks

Fake nails

Some people need more of a deterrent to nail-biting than just a manicure and nail polish. In those cases, fake nails such as a gel-filled manicure or even press on nails one can DIY at home can make nail-biting more difficult or even impossible. These artificial nail solutions can require ongoing touch-ups and nail appointments. So, if ongoing upkeep isn’t possible, then this tip may not be the best solution.

Keep nails short

For people who do not want polish or fake nails, a simple solution is to trim and file one’s nails. Keeping nails trimmed and well-cared for is similar to getting a manicure. Changing the appearance of the nails can help one to remember not to bite their nails and removes imperfection related nail-biting. In addition to these benefits, by keeping one’s nails short, even if one unconsciously attempts to bite their nails, the length makes it more difficult.

Keep hands busy

Nail-biting is often a symptom of anxiety, stress, or boredom. Having a stress ball on hand or other fidget objects replaces nail-biting with a healthier way to cope with these feelings. In addition to fidget objects, some people find it helpful to snack on carrot sticks or popcorn at their desks to give them a replacement for biting their nails. For those concerned about snacking too much, a glass of water, tea, or another beverage is an excellent alternative.

Ask for help

Sometimes people bite their nails without even realizing they are doing it. Breaking an unconscious habit often requires increased awareness of it. Therefore, asking friends and family for reminders when they see nail-biting helps to provide an increased awareness of the biting, which can lead to stopping it entirely. Friends and family can also provide additional support and encouragement, which can increase the motivation to stop the habit.

Stop biting your nails with these 6 easy life hacks

Bitter polish

If all the other tips have not worked, it may be time to try bitter nail polish. In general, some people seem to have mixed reviews of using bitter polish and say that it was not as helpful as other nail-biting lifehacks. Still, for others, the bitter taste is the deterrent that finally works! Simply, apply a coat of bitter polish available online or in a retail store, and the nail is left coated in a bitter taste designed to discourage the nail-biting habit.

Regardless of the stop nail-biting lifehack, it is essential to remember that nail-biting, like any habit, takes time to change. Due to the many reasons why people start biting their nails, some people need to try more than one tip as each person must find the best solution for themselves. However, with persistence and these simple tips, anyone can break the nail-biting habit once and for all.