Things men do before going on a date

You swiped right on that dating app, matched with him, sent a few flirty messages, and now you’re finally going on a date! Since most people pass judgement on a prospective partner pretty quickly after meeting them, a good impression is key. That’s why everyone wants to look their best on a date, especially if it’s a first date. Don’t be too surprised – but this includes guys. In fact, many men use the time before a date to give themselves a mini makeover. However, sometimes these male makeovers get a little weird…Here are a few weird things men do before going out on a date.

Weird things men do before going on a date

Spruce up their drawers

We’re not talking about dresser drawers. A lot of men go out and buy new underwear before a date, which makes sense because who would want to be caught wearing those cheesy C3P0 boxers or, maybe even worse, an old pair of tighty-whiteys. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking those undergarments on a normal day, most men feel they might not make the best first impression. Even if it’s a bit presumptuous to think his date will be seeing his underwear, a guy will usually buy a fresh pair of grown-up undies pre-date, just in case.

Buy dad cologne

A lot of guys have admitted to not only buying a new cologne for a date, but also to buying the same cologne that their date’s dad wears. What?? This practice may seem unbelievably creepy, but, the stalking required to get a hold of that information aside, it’s actually not a bad move. Studies show that smell plays a huge factor in our comfort levels. So, if your new man smells like someone you’re comfortable and safe around, you’re more likely to feel the same way around him too.

Make like a modern Sherlock Holmes

Honestly, who doesn’t check out their dates on the internet these days? Guys do it, too. In fact, most men fess up to a bit of internet stalking before meeting a date for the first time. This practice isn’t as weird as it may seem, especially if he hasn’t met his date in person before and wants to make sure she’s who she says she is. There isn’t anything wrong with him doing a quick scroll through your social media accounts and Linked In or Googling your name. However, it might be a red flag if he brings up a post or photo from a long time ago. Deep dives are extra.

Clear their browser history

While it’s not common practice for a woman to go through a date’s phone, tablet or computer, many men choose to clear their browser history pre-date, just in case. Most dudes don’t want anyone scrolling through their old texts, internet browsing, or social media searches, much less a woman they’re trying to get to date them. Especially if he’s done a bit of internet investigating on his date beforehand.

Squeeze in a workout

Many guys get a last-minute workout in before every date. While a quick jog or lifting session won’t magically conjure up a six pack, these pre-date workouts can actually make muscles appear bigger. Your body sends extra blood to muscles during a workout, which can temporarily make them swell up and look larger. Plus, physical activity is a proven stress reliever, so if he’s nervous about making a good impression, hitting the gym can calm him down and set him up for a more successful evening.

Weird things men do before going on a date


Men primp, too. Especially before a date. Whether they do a bit of manscaping to trim unwanted hair, relax with a facial mask to moisturize and shrink their pores, or use a scrub to clear a blemish, men want to look their best for a date just the same as women. While it might seem strange for a man to primp, it’s just their way of showing their dates they care about the outcome of the evening.