Ways to feel at home after moving to a new place 

Moving into a new place can be exciting, whether you’re moving into a place by yourself and finally ditching the ‘rents, or moving in with a best friend or a significant other. However, while moving is oftentimes the beginning of a new adventure, it’s inevitable that some new struggles will pop up. One of these struggles is not feeling fully at home in a new place. Feeling at home is vital to your mental and emotional well-being, so it’s important to nip this sensation in the bud and create a space that supports that homey vibe that we all crave. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to do just that.

Make It Cozy

One of the best and comfiest ways to make your new place feel like home is to make it cozy. The cozy homey feeling is what we all want to feel when we come home from work, so your new place should reflect that and be able to offer you a relaxing sanctuary to unwind in on a daily basis. Piling pillows and knitted blankets on your bed and sofa are excellent touches to make the space yours. Also, they will give you something to curl up on after a long day. Candles, incense, and other good smelling aromas can also help to raise the coziness spectrum in your place, while also forming the mental and emotional connection that those sweet aromas smell like home sweet home.

Ways to feel at home after moving to a new place

Decorate Your Space

We all want a well-decorated space to live in, and did you know that adding personal touches to your living space can help you to feel more at home? Decorations such as family photos, original artwork, and bookshelf knick-knacks will brighten your day each time you look at them. It will also give your new pad an essence of “you” that visitors will comment on. It will be easy for anyone to see that you truly care about the design of your space and you feel right at home there. Plus, if you just moved out on your own for the first time or you’re far away from home and you’re missing your friends and family, photos of them will help you to feel connected…even when you’re apart.

Utilize Everything

When you move into a new place, especially if you are rooming with someone else, you might feel too timid to utilize everything your new home has to offer. However, this is a huge mistake. It’s important to claim your home. That means that you should use the kitchen to cook your meals instead of ordering takeout. Make sure you allow yourself to lounge on the couch in your living room (instead of just hiding in your bedroom). Also, if you are staying in a building that has other facilities such as a gym or a pool, use those as well. You are paying for these amenities, so why let them go to waste?

Ways to feel at home after moving to a new place

Have People Over

Hosting at your new place may seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you do it often enough you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Entertaining your friends in your new space and allowing yourself to take pride in your space will mentally help you to feel more at home. Feed your guests a good meal from your kitchen, then go and relax with some dessert and conversation in the living room after the meal. Every get-together should feel like a celebration of you and your new home. Then when your guests leave, you can curl up in your sweet new pad and get some much-deserved shut-eye.