How to style your own small apartment

Whether it’s time for Spring cleaning, a first apartment, or it’s simply time for a makeover, decorating a small apartment can seem daunting. After all—where does anything go? When space is tight, it’s tempting to use every inch for storage. Thankfully, there are ways to style even the smallest of apartments!

Take some storage vertical

Many of us are familiar with how tight storage can be if we live in a small apartment. It can actually be one of the biggest headaches when it comes to our living situation. However, we often overlook the spaces above our heads, and the potential to store our things up high That’s why it’s smart to put shelving up above the headline, to store things that are likely to not be used often.

Segment to create zones

Another way to make a small apartment feel bigger when decorating is to create what are called zones. All ‘zones’ means is segments of the home dedicated to one thing, usually a task. For example, in a studio apartment, the reading area could be distinct from the sleeping area by using a chair and a small table angled away from the bed. A curtain could also be hung between the bed and a desk to create the illusion of a workspace, and thus keep the sleeping area separate.

How to style your small apartment

Color without clutter

Dark colors can make spaces feel claustrophobic, especially when they’re the dominant theme. And, while white can make a space feel bright and open, too much can feel sterile. So, it’s wise to keep walls and ceilings white, but to add pops of color at the same time. With that in mind, add simple framed photos that share a color scheme (think similar shades of purple, or different ocean views). Or, add colorful cushions to the sofa, a bright throw on the back of a plush chair, as a means of brightening the space.

Add plants to liven things up

It’s easy to forget little human touches around the home, especially when we try to use every space imaginable for storage. However, plants not only add a bit of green, they can be a natural purifier to keep our indoor spaces healthier! With that in mind, it’s wise to choose plants that won’t get too big, and will be happy in a small pot. Herbs for the kitchen are usually a good pick (and double up the benefits by being edible!), but a small flower, like the African violet, could be nice too.

Use double-duty furniture

Sometimes, no matter how much shelving we put up, or how cleverly we store things, we just need more storage space. That’s where furniture that doubles as storage can be our best bet. The obvious choice is an ottoman at the foot of the couch, doubling as a chest. However, you can get beds that have drawers beneath the mattress, and even sofa-seats that open up, allowing you to put anything from linens to holiday decorations away.

Hang mirrors to bring light and create more space

As we mentioned, the color white is a good way to make a small room look bigger. Better still, adding light into the mix can amplify that illusion. Not only does it reflect the room, and thus make it look twice as large, but mirrors will actually double the light in the space, making things seem even bigger. Plus, the mirrors can also double as art pieces. We can choose antique pieces, mirrors that have interesting and unique shapes, or are tinted to add splashes of color.

How to style your small apartment

Keep furniture low to the ground

Low ceilings can make an apartment feel claustrophobic, dark, and almost cave-like. High ceilings usually have the opposite effect, and open a room up to make it seem almost like a cathedral. Fortunately, even rooms with low ceilings can be made to look taller by utilizing furniture that is low to the ground. Short legs on tables and chairs can alter the perspective of the room, ceilings look higher up. Just be sure that all of the furniture is of a similar height. Even one piece of a different height, and the effect might be ruined.