Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime

Do you have strong feelings that your relationship will last or are you on the fence? Anytime we get into a new relationship that we want to last a lifetime it is very important to firstly, lead with love. A healthy long lasting relationship is built off trust, compatibility, and communication. We have to also understand that everything will not always be roses and rainbows. Understanding that conflicts will arise, compromises will be had, and a lot of changes will be made over time.


Communication goes a long way in any relationship. It is important to communicate our feelings, changes that are going on with us, likes and dislikes, etc. The timing to communicate all of these things determines how your partner will perceive it. In the beginning we want to be upfront about who we are as a person. If both people are honest then this gives us the option to see if we can go forward with this person wholeheartedly.

Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime

This new found spark of love comes with getting to know each other and doesn’t happen overnight. We are always changing as humans, and reciprocating these changes is important in evolving as a couple. Communicate with words, with body language, with gestures, and listen with our ears and soul. Be empathetic. Forgiving when the other has made a mistake can continue the relationship on the right track.

Dabbling down memory lane and sharing both exciting and not so pleasant times can be both liberating and therapeutic. It takes a lot of maturity, courage, and inner strength to be transparent about topics that we hold dear. Communicate appreciation to each other and show praise.


Relationships are more comfortable and last longer when we share compatible views on things like lifestyle, money, and health. For the partnership to have longevity our major goals should be in alignment with each other. We should be on the same page when it comes to different matters in life. Having this compatibility will leave no grey areas in the relationship. When it comes to hobbies and having fun it is nice to share some of the same interests so both can partake in the festivities together.

Couples who try new things keep a sense of freshness within the relationship. This brings newness and excitement and gives something to look forward to. It is also necessary for us to be apart from each other at times, to remember that individualism is important to self. This also makes us miss one another a bit so the times shared together mean that much more.

Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime


We would like to get the first steps of trust established in the beginning stages. We build trust in ways where the other doesn’t make us question their intentions. We want to be able to feel comfortable, and have a sense of security with one another going forward as feelings become deeper. Trust that your partner is not doing things out of malice, manipulation, or having ulterior motives. Do not be afraid to ask for certain things from your significant other. This is called give and take. When asking for help, we put our trust in the hands of our partner.

These key factors along with many others can make or break a relationship. Please do not be confused – many relationships last a lifetime but have been dead for a significant amount of time. Keep the relationship alive. Take the proper measures to ensure joy is within and love is being projected out, to live a lasting healthy life with your significant other.