The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner

What do you look for in a partner? Is it all about the physical attraction? Do you seek someone with similar values and goals? If you sat 100 different individuals down in a room, they would all most likely have different answers to this technically simple question. However, most of them would probably still provide similar characteristics. Today, that is what we want to dive into. What are some of the most important qualities one can look for when seeking a partner?


In the world we live in today, loyalty is everything. Its importance in relationships may be tenfold, however, as they should be built around the concepts of trust, respect, and dedication. All these traits go back to the idea of loyalty as they can act as the structural foundation of a healthy relationship. Never needing to worry or stress about betrayal, deception, or dishonesty will only lead to a brighter future. There should never be a concern, for example, of a partner having an affair when one of them is out of town. This signals a lack of loyalty and can lead to complications down the road.

The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner


Sometimes, television shows and movies portray the notion that relationships are perfect, seamless, and flawless in every way possible. The unfortunate reality is that could not be farther from the truth. But hold on a second, maybe that is a good thing. From families to friends to coworkers to neighbors, who doesn’t have struggles from time to time? The people we love the most are also the people who irritate us the most. In relationships, this is where the word “compromise” comes to the forefront.
Both parties should be open to each new idea that springs along and to general decisions that need to be made. There are certain events (such as funerals, weddings, etc.) that mandate attendance, but some of the smaller ones should be discussed in an orderly and respectful fashion. Reaching agreements to satisfy the needs of both sides is also important to avoid one side feeling left out. Tasks as simple as compromising on when chores will be completed or what day to have a date can lead to an improved level of trust.


Compromise and accountability do go hand-in-hand, but they are both critical elements that deserve their own time in the spotlight. As humans, we all make mistakes. There is not a single person in this world who is perfect, and mishaps and blunders make us who we are. It is how people accept accountability that can create stronger relationships. When looking for a partner, it is a trait that both parties ideally should possess. Both should have the capability of owning up to their mistakes and asking for forgiveness. With a lack of accountability, the level of trust that was once built up could begin to fade away.

The most attractive qualities people look for in a partner


In every facet of the world, communication is vital and it could just be the single most critical trait for any partner to possess. With all the mediums of communication that are present, there really is no excuse for this to be problematic. Outside of long-distance, though, this is also crucial on a day-to-day basis to enhance trust, self-esteem, and honesty. The ability to open up about the smallest of issues to the largest of concerns in a considerate and humble manner will help to grow a relationship.
From family problems to internal issues that a partner may be experiencing, the best way to move past them is to seek consolement from their partner. Otherwise, especially regarding problems that are beginning to arise in the relationship itself, larger dilemmas may begin to surface.

It is Not Easy

There is absolutely no reason to feel shameful if you have not found a partner with the traits that you covet the most. It is a struggle for everyone, but the old adage is true; there really is someone out there for everyone. Perhaps some of the characteristics you treasure the most did not appear on this list and that is perfectly fine. We are all different, and that is what makes the world special.