Foreign cuisines you should try at least once in your life

When it comes to world cuisines, it would be surprising if some of them aren’t part of your weekly menu rotation. For example, an Italian feast of pasta and pizza, or a delicious Chinese takeout are so common that you might mistake them for being American staples. However, if that is as exotic as your tastes get, you’re missing out! Here are some of the best international cuisines to sink your teeth into.


Greek food is best eaten outside, looking at a beautiful sunset, but if that isn’t possible, it’s still pretty delicious wherever you happen to be. Lamb is a staple item, and olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese are found in most meals, whether as a side, snack or part of the dish. Flavor-wise, you should expect to find oregano, honey, garlic, and mint regularly. Also, be sure to try souvlaki which is a skewer of grilled vegetables and meat. It’s utterly delicious!



Expect a lot of flavor in Caribbean cooking, to bring out the relatively basic staples such as rice, chicken, and seafood. The perfect mix of ginger, cinnamon, and coconut alongside lime, mango, and papaya will automatically transport you to the beaches of the Caribbean if cooked correctly. Be sure to try some jerk chicken which involves applying a super spicy rub on the meat, before it’s smoked or grilled perfectly. Sit at a beachfront bar enjoying sunshine and shellfish, or for a bigger seafood fix, try a Grouper fish steak or stew.


If you are looking to sample some Lebanese food (and you should!), don’t expect a lot of animal fats as these are eaten sparingly. When meats are consumed, it’s rarely red meat and is more likely to be poultry. However, you will get to enjoy plenty of whole grains, seafood, fruits, starches, and vegetables, flavored with copious amounts of lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. Be sure to try the National Dish of the country; Kibbeh, which is delicious sauteed pine nuts and minced meat, fried into small bites.


If you’ve never had Korean food, you are certainly missing out! There are so many Korean barbecue places around the US, and they are absolutely worth a visit; however, other Korean food options are just as delicious too! Kimchi is a Korean cuisine staple, consisting of fermented cabbage and flavorings, and you will most likely see it make an appearance at every meal. If you eat at a restaurant, before your meal comes out, you will be given several small bowls, called ‘Banchan,’ which is a cross between sides and an appetizer. Don’t eat it all before you main comes out – the dishes of seafood and vegetables are mainly eaten with the meal, or even wrapped up in leafy greens to make a delicious parcel of food.


One of the best (and most delicious!) ways to experience new countries and cultures is to enjoy the local foods. Whether you head to the nearest market to grab some authentic snacks or find out where the locals go when they want fantastic food, or even make friends with a family to try some authentic home-cooked dishes – experience a new country with your tastebuds and maybe even take some recipes back home to escort you back to the memories whenever you wish.