How to take your outfit from work to a night out

Adults of the 21st century have managed to master the art of juggling work and play. Unlike the generations before them, today’s young and slightly elder grownups have learned how to segue from day to night without having to make a pitstop at home in-between. With a zip here and a dash there, men and women are now able to tone down their professional look to something more fun and trendy. With a few minor wardrobe changes any man or woman can be completely transformed. Now, when people leave their homes or apartments in the morning (favorite drink in hand for the commute) it is usually with the agenda of going into work and then meeting up at a cozy honky tonk after hours. Today there are so many options for enhancing the nightlife that some people are ‘adulting’ well into the early morning hours!

How to take your outfit from work to a night out

Start at the bottom.

In other words, think…shoes and socks, nylons, stockings and all the things you use to cover your feet! No matter how you spend your days, by the time the sun is setting on the horizon you are probably tired of walking around in the same footwear. Perhaps you are required to adhere to a certain dress code in the office or out in the field. For example, you may be expected to keep your feet covered completely due to work conditions. That means you spend your days in a pair of work boots or other form of safety shoe. Other workplaces specify their employees to sport practical foot gear that allows them to move around without fear of slipping or falling.

Creating a new look is as simple as stowing an extra pair of shoes in your bag or briefcase and switching them out at 5 o’clock. Don’t forget a different pair of socks or nylons, too! Oh, and some refreshing foot powder or spray can make you feel totally re-energized!

Put your addition and subtraction math skills to work.

Just because you’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean you should forget your basic arithmetic skills. If you know that you have evening plans that will take you away from your regular routine, then take a moment to look in the mirror and see what you can add or subtract that will result in a slightly different presentation. Maybe you will want to carry an evening clutch that is more ornate than the practical shoulder bag you bring to work. Perhaps, a piece of statement jewelry or two would help you shine. Then, of course, there’s always layering. Bring a sweater or evening wrap or start your day off with a cardigan that reveals a more alluring ‘you’ for whatever is on the night’s agenda.

Don’t forget to keep a different ‘scent’ in your belongings. A spritz of your favorite cologne or aftershave can make you feel like a new person! Just don’t overdo it!

How to take your outfit from work to a night out

Go all in on your wardrobe decisions

Sometimes your evening plans may call for you to do a complete makeover. Maybe you’re going straight from work to a pool party or maybe you work at a pool and are meeting friends for dinner. No matter what the occasion there are times you won’t be able to avoid bringing along a whole new change of clothes. If that’s the case remember to pack the outfit in a way that will prevent it from becoming wrinkled. It is often best to drape the clothes over a hanger and then find a place to keep the items suspended upright until it’s time to slip out of one outfit and into another.

There you have it…how to go from day to night in three easy steps…and look fabulous in the process!