Hairstyle hacks to make your hair look fuller

When it comes to our hair, we all have a unique preference. Some of us like eccentric shades of green or purple, while others would rather have subtle extensions that accentuate their face shape or their favorite features. Some of us don’t want to be bothered and opt for a fuss-free pixie, while others spend countless minutes working to perfect their “fuss-free” shaggy style (we all know effortless looks are the hardest to achieve). Despite what your go-to ‘do is, having a head of healthy, voluminous locks is a solid foundation regardless of your personal taste.

Hairstyle hacks to make your hair look fuller

Now, we’re not here to convince you that this is a “1, 2, 3 done” task, because it requires a tinge of effort (but hey, the best things in life often do). We are here, however, to clue you in on a few simple hairstyle hacks that will naturally make your tresses fuller, and in turn, your smile will beam a bit brighter and your skin will glow more than usual; confidence works wonder, after all.

Work from the inside out

It’s the oldest tale in the book, but for good reason. When we mindfully tend to our bodies and fuel them with nutrients they need to perform efficiently, we reap the benefits from our head to our toes. For shinier, healthier, and fuller hair, be sure to incorporate foods rich in Vitamin D, C, and A. Biotin, astaxanthin, iron, zinc, and fish oil are also trusted supplements that are known for their hair-related benefits.

When it doubt, tease it out

Backcombing, otherwise known as teasing, is a popular technique that when done properly, adds major lift to your locks. All you need is a quality teasing comb, a mirror, and some hair spray to keep it looking fresh. Kick it off by brushing through your hair and eliminating any knots. From here, separate your locks into sections and begin to slowly comb through it the opposite way (toward your scalp). To prevent unwanted damage, remember to work in one direction rather than combing both up and down. Once you’ve covered all the bases, add a spritz of hairspray and you’re good to go.

Hairstyle hacks to make your hair look fuller

Insider tip: before heading into your nighttime shower, gently brush through your hair with a wide tooth comb. This will make it easier to shampoo and condition, sans damage.

A trip to the salon

Admittedly, sometimes DIY hacks don’t cut it (pun intended) and we’re better off with a hand from the professionals. Thus, in the event that our first two suggestions just aren’t ‘do-ing it (pun intended again), to the salon we go. A little snip here and a little trim there might be all your mane is craving.

Hairstylists have been breathing life into their clients’ strands for years with the addition of a few layers and/or a specific cut tailored to their type of hair. Whether it be thin, coarse, fine, thick, or nonexistent (okay, maybe not nonexistent), there is a style perfectly suited to you, which is sure to infuse the oomph you’ve been looking for. A few of our favorites are the blunt short bob, the blunt lob (long bob), shaggy layers, and classic layers.

Sometimes more is more

We stand behind less being more, but sometimes, we need a little help from friends. Think: dry shampoo, hair thickening shampoo and conditioner, and even extensions. There are dozens of high-quality products formulated and designed specifically to add a boost. Depending on your criteria, there is sure to be a product tailored to your needs.

Well, the secrets to fuller hair are out; locks that bounce are now at your fingertips.