The best outfits to liven up your office party look

Towards the end of the year, and maybe throughout at significant times within the company, our offices will throw extravagant parties where employees can let their hair down, only a bit, with their colleagues. It is a chance to show off your dance moves and connect with your work pals in an environment that isn’t dominated by stress and deadlines. Office parties are a great time but before we can even begin to have fun, we have to consider what we are going to wear. If your office has not assigned a theme to your office party then we highly recommend looking at any of the following stylish ensembles to craft the perfect office party look for your next function. We have tailored these recommendations to show off the fun side of yourself in a manner that is both appropriate and lively. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our top picks and start planning your next office party getup!

The best outfits to liven up your office party look

Spruce up your outfit with some pumps

This nifty little trick means that you don’t need to spend a fortune on your office party outfit. Search the shops for a pair of stellar, standout heeled pumps in a vibrant color of your choosing. We usually recommend red as they add a stunning pop to black pants and white shirt office outfit that can otherwise look quite minimal. Pair your pumps with a matching bag and you’ll have a tasteful, classy look that compliments an elegant office party alongside some sophisticated colleagues.

Go for the glitter

If you work in the advertising industry then you can vouch for the elaborate nature of the office parties. For these, people go all out and bring their A-game with their attire. We recommend elevating your fun-filled office party outfit with a heap ton of glitter. Think Great Gatsby golden glitter and you can start to picture the ensemble in your head. The dresses will portray a classy but characterful look and, paired with some low boots, will perfectly suit any ecstatic party occasion in the office.

Faux fur

Faux fur is a 2020 fashion trend that is sweeping the country and you can show off your style by grabbing a flawless faux fur coat. For one thing, you’ll look super fly and for another, you’ll be supporting the conservation of our wildlife. It is a win/win that reflects trends while being uplifting. With your faux fur in check, throw it over a pretty dress to elevate your office party looks to the next level. This style is luxury and speaks volumes at an office party where your colleagues will be rocking up in fancy getups.

The best outfits to liven up your office party look

A ruffle top over jeans

Not all parties are an extravagant affair and sometimes, we will just be winding down on a Friday with a few snacks and beverages on the balcony. That said, you can still look great while doing so. For these more relaxed and casual office get-togethers, we recommend putting on a ruffle top and rocking it with jeans. By mixing and matching the ruffle top with a sequined bag or stylish heeled pumps, you can play with texture and volume to craft a truly exquisite casual look that doesn’t scream ‘I’m trying too hard’.

A pants suit

Show off your bold and strong personality with a pants suit during your next office party. What was once an unconventional look is now an empowering statement ensemble that showcases your confident qualities. What’s so great about this too is that you can still feel feminine while wearing a pants suit. Complimenting your attire with elegant accessories and a stunning tote bag will complete a perfect party look that says you mean business.

Sure, you are not limited to these amazing office party looks the next time an event rolls around but we hope these give you an idea of the different textures and accessories you can play with to craft a look perfectly suited to a specific office party. Whether it is a casual Friday catch up or a more exciting celebration of major success within the company. Bring your best ensemble to your next office party and leave a positive lasting impression during your fun-filled night.