3 hair grievances we’ve all had

Bad hair days are as old as time. From frizzy, unmanageable winter hair to a hairstylist’s wayward attempt at an adventurous look, we’ve all experienced the frustration of hair that simply will not cooperate. We brush. We gel. We tease. We spray. All to no avail. Finally, in exasperation, we fall back onto the bed, let out a big sigh, and reach for the nearest ponytail holder or headband – resigned to a day of self-consciousness.

But wait, perhaps there’s a better way. Before resigning yourself to hours of fidgeting, accept the reality that hair – like all of us – sometimes has a mind of its own. Let it be. Keep it simple. Go a little heavier on the mascara than you usually do. Then, read on to commiserate at where we have all been.

Curls That Fall Flat… Over and Over

Curls are the epitome of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Those of us with naturally curly hair would do almost anything for straight hair. Those ‘blessed’ with pin-straight hair spend hours trying to achieve the beautiful tendrils we admire on those ‘more fortunate.’ Sure, the answer probably lies in acceptance. In reality, most of us will likely continue to chase the dream.

3 hair grievances we’ve all had

That begs the question of how to keep curls from falling flat. First, be sure to make your hair the last thing you do before leaving the house. Second, command the strongest lightweight hairspray you can find and then spray with abandon. Lastly, embrace the ever-changing dynamic of a curly style.

Out of Control Frizz

How do jet-setting celebrities manage to look sleek and put together no matter how sticky the weather gets while us mere mortals are desperately trying not to walk around looking like we’ve been electrocuted? The answer lies in having an arsenal of humidity-fighting styles you can turn to in a pinch (and, let’s be real, having a personal hairstylist doesn’t hurt).

At the end of the day it comes down to updos. The more humid it is outside, the less likely you are to successfully pull off a clean, sophisticated look without pulling your hair up. Whether you opt for a side braid, a top knot, or a sky-high ponytail, updos are a fool proof way to keep your hair looking fabulously frizz-free.

Hat Hair That Won’t Quit

Especially for those of us in colder climates, hats are a way of life. But, while they can look exceptionally chic when worn well, they can spell disaster for your hair. We’ve all been there. You spend an hour ironing your hair straight, just to pull off your hat and discover all your hard work was futile. Your hair’s a frizzy, chaotic mess.

3 hair grievances we’ve all had

While nixing hats in the dead of winter is not advisable, there are a few tricks you can steal to fight the hat head blues. Make sure your hat fits correctly. If it’s too small, there is no way to avoid hat head. Opt for cotton or fleece fabrics when choosing your headwear. Make sure your hair is completely dry before heading out and, finally, rub an unscented dryer sheet along the inside of the hat or give your hair a quick once-over with a frizz controlling spray.

We get it. Bad hair days can be bane of any woman’s existence. Give these tricks a try and, when all else fails, strike a power pose and rock your look with confidence. After all, the humidity can sap your strands but it can’t compete with a healthy dose of self-confidence. Remember you are more than your hair and shine accordingly. You’ve got this!